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loyalty rewards

Welcome to the Lorts Loyalty Rewards Program!

Lorts is excited to bring you a program to reward you with when you sell
Furniture Uniquely You.  Its simple!
Enroll, sell, submit, be rewarded!

To read more about the program CLICK HERE.


New to the Lorts Loyalty Rewards Program? Click on the "Register Now" button above to
register for the program! CLICK HERE to donwload a blank Form W-9.


If you are enrolled in the Lorts Loyalty Rewards Program and want to submit
an invoice for Rewards click on the button above.


For existing card holders click on the button above to check your card balance. If this is the first time using this site, PrepaidCardholder.com after you enter your card number and click the green ENTER button, you will need to ENROLL with PrepaidCardholder.com. Once you enroll with PrepaidCardholder.com please keep your username and password in a safe place. Lorts Manufacturing does not administrate that site.

You also can check your card balance by calling the customer service number on the card which is: 1-866-825-3293.

* As of August 1, 2012 Rewards submissions will not be processed until after the order has been shipped and invoiced. Also, Rewards submissions must be made within 90 Days of the invoice date to qualify.


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