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About Us



The Lorts mission is to create beautifully designed furniture, while placing the utmost importance on impeccable values, professionalism and kindness. We strive to be good stewards of our family, company, resources and relationships.  


Family owned and operated...

Lorts Manufacturing was founded in 1966 by Andrew Lorts. Andy had been operating a small, independent furniture store when he quickly realized that he needed to diversify, as the larger stores were taking over the market. With no experience and a few machines that he had purchased from a lamp manufacturer, he started Lorts Mfg. The first generation of product made by Lorts was Early American in style and made with Alder from the Pacific Northwest. Andy sold the company in the early 80’s. The new owner was unable to continue the original Lorts success and in 1984, Andy’s son Mike purchased the struggling company. Quickly he built a reputation for making the highest quality bedroom furniture.

Mike and his wife, Sylvia oversaw many changes in the industry. From waterbeds to the more upscale idea of creating collections that ranged from Southwest to French Country, Lorts continued to offer what the customer wanted. Soon the request was made for multiple finish options, and what had begun as a challenge to accommodate their customer’s needs, ended up being the catalyst that would develop into a reputation of having the finest wood finishes in the country.

In 2005, Mike sold the company to his son Ty and his wife Michelle, ensuring that 3 generations of Lorts would own the company. Under Ty’s leadership the company moved to its much larger, current facility enabling Lorts to grow their capabilities as well as their customer base. Lorts has cultivated a custom program, known for its ability to modify a current item as well as take an idea from a rough sketch to a quality piece of heirloom furniture. This custom program has led to an exciting hospitality division, which allows the Lorts quality to be enjoyed in the finest resorts and organizations in the world.

Lorts is proud of their history, as it exemplifies the quality and innovation that is apparent in each and every item they offer. In an ever changing industry, they are grounded by their values and strength of the family team. Ty and Michelle’s son Spencer has been an integral part of the sales force for several years, and In 2020, Michelle took the helm as President and CEO. The Lorts family is looking forward to another 54+ years of offering beautiful heirloom quality furniture to the next generations.  


Michelle Lorts, President and CEO

Michelle has spent 30 years in the interior design industry developing her eye for style. Founding and managing interior design studios and a successful floral design business has fueled her passion for style and entrepreneurship. Her position as owner, President and CEO allows Michelle the opportunity to do what she loves in business and in life: to authentically connect with people and help them reach their goals. In her spare time, Michelle loves traveling and being with her grandchildren, as it feeds, energizes and reminds her soul to be grateful.  

Ty Lorts, Vice President

Ty has grown up in the business, from answering the phones for his grandfather at age 4, to co-owning the company for the last 16 years. He graduated from Northern Arizona University in 1989 with a BA in Business Management. His strength is servant leadership and helping the Lorts employee provide the Lorts customer with the best furnishings and experience in the industry. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with Michelle and their grandkids, and is a brown belt competitor in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.